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HSE Strategy & Values

 HSE Strategy & Values

Wanhua believes that safety is the foundation of company survival. In order to be responsible to the shareholders & society, Wanhua insists on an essential requirement of never making compromises regarding safety. At Wanhua, we maintain international standards and industry specifications in our HSE platform. Based on an integrated management system, national work safety standards and a responsible care management platform, we has learned from the vast experience of multinational enterprises and created our own HSE management system: “Area Safety Management” and “5 Universal Safety Principles,” each composing and HSE management system specialized to Wanhua.


Sustainable development is our continuous pursuit. While creating value for shareholders and the community, We take the safety, health and environment of employees, stakeholders and the public as a sacred duty.

Our Goal

Our goal is to develop an eco-friendly, modern chemical corporation with zero injuries, zero accidents and zero pollution.

What we must do

Follow national, state and local laws, rules, codes, standards and other requirements; 
Achieve sustainable development by decreasing emissions of waste water, gas and residue and increasing energy efficiency; 
Provide a safe working environment to prevent injuries to our employees and the public.


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