Wanhua & REACH

Wanhua & REACH

Wanhua, as a responsible corporation, does not take REACH regulations only as requirements for product registration. Our aim is to ensure the safety of our products and protect the environment. Our goal is to achieve “Zero Injury, Zero Accident, Zero Pollution” and realizing responsible care is our obligation.

We support REACH regulations and objectives completely and earnestly fulfill each requirement. It is consistent with our company’s vision which is becoming a world class innovative chemicals company with deep pride in our people and to gain respect from society.

Our REACH team is composed of domestic and overseas experts, the overseas experts from the Hungarian factory who are responsible for regulation compliance identification and specific registration work, and the domestic experts from HSE headquarters who are responsible for coordination and preparing basic registration data. Our team has extensive expertise and dedication which ensures that Wanhua will fulfill each requirement of REACH regulation professionally and efficiently.

So far, we have registered a variety of products as a leader or cooperating with other registrants. In the mean time, Wanhua has developed a good management mechanism regarding unregistered products. We will continue to keep in close contact with clients, partners and ECHA to ensure timely and efficiently solve problems and to keep compliance with REACH regulations consistently.


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