• Corporate Social Responsibility

    As a responsible company, Wanhua is dedicated to sustainable social development. With our long-term oriented economic success target, Wanhua is active in a variety of ways in the core fields of education, environmental protection and community development....

  • Responsible Care Report

    While continuing high-speed development, Wanhua takes the health, safety and environmental issues of employees and the community as a permanent task. We pursue harmonious development between employees, the company and the community; implement the six elements of Responsible Care throughout the development process....

  • Awards

    As a member of the International Isocyanate Institute, Wanhua follows the highest industry standards and specifications. Wanhua is devoted to be the model of Response Care (RC) by practicing the principle and behavior standards of RC, paying attention to the health & safety of employees, customers, community & public, undertaking the social responsibility actively and developing the green chemical industry....




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