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Environmental Protection

Safety & Environment

The earth is the significant habitat for human survival, so it is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen to protect the environment. As a responsible listed company, Wanhua Chemical Group has always been actively implementing the principle of sustainable development with the promise to operate under the premises of health, safety and pro-environment and positively shoulder the responsibility in these aspects.

Tree-planting Day to create a green home

On March 12 2017, the thirty-ninth of China's national compulsory Tree-planting Day, Wanhua Yantai Industrial Park and Dajijia primary school together to create a green home.


Disposal of Abandoned Gas Cylinders in Yanbian

In May 2013, the suspected gas cylinders of the World War II were found in Yanbian City, Jilin Province in the northeast of China. At the invitation of Tumen Municipal Government, Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture, 11 phosgene experts of Wanhua disposed all the 24 gas cylinders successfully.


"Tree Planting Day, Taking the First Steps for Environmental Protection"

On March 16, 2013, a tree-planting activity with the theme of Planting Day, Taking the First Steps for Environmental Protection” was organized by the Wanhua Yantai factory. More than 40 employees from the administrative office of the factory jointly with colleagues of other departments took part in this activity. Through this activity, our employees’ environmental awareness was strengthened and so was their responsibility for caring for flowers and trees and cherishing the green life. This is the effort we made for keeping our living environment green and healthy.

Focusing on the Environmental Sanitation of the Earth and Improving Image of a Civilized City

On September 4, 2011, an activity for voluntarily cleaning up the coast was held in    the bathing beach of Yantai Economic and Development Area by the Financial Department of Wanhua. In this activity, they cleaned up the coast for about 1.5 km, and all the garbage was transported to the specified garbage collection place after the activity. Their action won good appraise from city residents who all said that they supported this action of Wanhua’s employees and they would also pay attention to their own behavior in order to prevent environmental pollution and make a good recreational environment for Yantai.

Road Transportation Safety Seminar of Forwarding Agents

To make the forwarding agents of Wanhua effectively and timely identify and analyze all kinds of risk factors during the road transportation process, ensure the safety of people, vehicles and other properties during the road transportation process, and prevent the occurrence of road traffic accidents, Wanhua organizes road transportation safety management seminar of forwarding agents, builds communication and sharing platform for enterprises, governments and traffic units, and provides HSE training for forwarding agents every year.

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