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Community Dedication

Community Dedication

As a good-quality enterprise with a sense of social responsibility and corporate mission, Wanhua Chemical Group not only maintains the stable operation and sustainable development of the enterprise, but also assumes social responsibility and actively takes part in all kinds of programs for public good.

 Yangliu Primary School - “Wanhua Dormitory” was completed

March 16, 2016, Wanhua Chemical together with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation came to the southwest of China's Sichuan Province, Kaijiang, Yangliu Primary School, witnessed the ceremony of the completion of "Wanhua dormitory".

As one of the China "Responsible Care" initiative, Wanhua Chemical has been actively involved in public welfare projects and education.

 Wanhua Launched the 2015 Spring Festival Visit to Wangjiawa Community

With the approaching of 2015 Chinese Spring Festival, Wanhua visited the low-income families and households with a disabled member inYantai Qixia Guandao Town Wangjiawa Community. They send deep concern and festival greetings of all Wanhua employees to those poverty-stricken families.

During the visit, Wanhua also checked the operation of community funding projects in detail: 180 m-deep fresh water well built with Wanhua reverse osmosis membrane purification facilities, which reached the standard of water quality; the first domestic polyurethane insulation chicken farm built with high-quality MDI produced by Wanhua, which increased the income of the village; and “Wanhua Square” has become a daily necessary fitness place for all villagers.

 “On Wings of Love, We Are in Action”

In June 2013, the Marketing Department and EMS jointly organized a caring donation activity named “On Wings of Love, We Are in Action”. This activity called on all the employees of the company to donate clothes and books for children in remote areas. This activity collected 456 pieces of clothing, 241 books, 50 pairs of brand new shoes, as well as school supplies and toys such as new schoolbags, footballs, building blocks, expressing best wishes of Wanhua’s employees to children in poor areas.

Gathering Every Drop of Wanhua FD’s Love and Fulfilling the Dreams of Left-behind Children

On March 31, 2013, Wanhua Financial Department (FD) launched a caring donation activity with the theme of “Gathering Every Drop of Wanhua FD’s Love and Fulfilling the Dreams of Left-behind Children”. FD staff from Yantai, Ningbo, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou had donated 27,760 yuan and a large amount of educational equipment, such as computers, harmonicas within only three days. On the day of the activity, under the leadership of Zou Jihua, the general manager, FD staff visited the children in Zhongdademei Children’ School with their deep blessings. They also prepared a series of distinctive “Sunshine Lessons” for these children and spend a very happy afternoon with the children.

A Warm Trip with Love

On May 27, 2013, 20 representatives of the workshop of Wanhua Yantai factory, together with their families, went to Yantai SOS Children’s Village to send their Children’s Day blessing. The factory director Wei Jianfeng, on behalf of all the employees of the factory, presented 8,700 yuan in cash and 20 sets of school supplies, showing their love and best wishes for Children’s Day to all the children in the Children’s Village.

In March 2012, Wanhua Design Institute organized a caring donation activity for Yantai SOS Children’s Village. Under the leadership of the Director Jiang Jiayi, all employees in this institute actively took part in this activity and showed their love and care for the orphans. In this activity, there were total 5,300 yuan of donation raised.

Caring for the Lives of the Elderly and Visiting a Nursing Home for the Chongyang Festival

On October 13, 2013, party branch members of Quality Inspection Center of Yantai factory visited the Zhuji Community Nursing Home where more than 160 aged people were living with some daily necessities such as towels, milk and rice bought by their donation of 1,000 yuan. Guided by Liang, head of the Nursing Home, and the staff there, they visited the dorms and activity rooms of the aged people and communicated with them, spending a warm Chongyang Festival with the elderly.


 Mother's Day Activity

On the Mother’s Day of 2013, Wanhua organized an activity to visit the local elders on Daxie Island, Ningbo and celebrated the birthday for six elders aged more than 95 years old.

On October 19, 2012, after more than five hours’ driving, members of the Wanhua Executive Office and HSE Department, led by Yao Yuan’en and Shu Sui, the general managers, came to the Yanghu Township Nursing House in Yangxin County, Binzhou City. They took consolation money and cotton-padded clothes for fellow villagers in the nursing home and sent their sincere greetings.

 Distributing Safety Manuals and Publicizing Safety Knowledge to Citizens

By virtue of the good atmosphere of the Safety Production Month Activity and with the help of the local safety supervision department, Wanhua publicized safety knowledge and distributed safety manuals to citizens to bear the social responsibility of a “corporate citizen”. And adhering to the concept and criterion of responsible care, Wanhua has constantly promoted the implementation of community safety in several residential areas.


 Donating to Earthquake Disaster Areas in Sichuan

After the occurrence of the big earthquake in Sichuan in 2008, the domestic and overseas employees of Wanhua urgently donated more than RMB 2 Million Yuan to the disaster areas in the aggregate. Besides, Wanhua also made 1000 sets of formaldehyde-free ecological desks and chairs valued at more than RMB 200,000 Yuan for the children of the disaster areas.

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