1. Yantai Chemical Complex

    Yantai Chemical Complex is located in Yantai, this complex indicates that Wanhua is transforming from  single PU business to integrated chemical industry chain.

  2. Ningbo Industrial Park

    Ningbo Industrial Park is the largest and the most competitive isocynates production site worldwide.

  3. Chengdu complex

    Chengdu complex is located in Sichuan, it will be the MDI R&D center,technology service center and logistics center in southwest  of Wanhua.

  4. Zhuhai complex

    Zhuhai complex is located in Guangdong, its major business is modified MDI and performance materials  further processing.

  5. Wanhua Shanghai Center

    Wanhua Shanghai Center is located in Pudong, Shanghai.  The overall design of the Wanhua Shanghai Center was conducted by a famous European design team and it is established mainly for supporting the internationalization of Wanhua.

  6. BorsodChem

    BorsodChem is a leading European chemical company operating in Hungary, BorsodChem has been a part of Wanhua Industrial Group since February 2011.

  7. Wanhua Chemical (Japan) Co.,Ltd.

    Wanhua Tokyo office was established in October 2005, and Wanhua Chemical (Japan) Co ,Ltd  was established as a legal entity in August 2006.

  8. Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. ( Shanghai Office)

    Wanhua  Shanghai office was established in 2005, it is located in the CBD of West Nangjing Road.

  9. Wanhua America Co., Ltd.

    Wanhua America Co , LTD, is wholly-owned North American subsidiary of the Wanhua Chemicals Group Co , Ltd , it is located in Media, PA - a suburb of Philadelphia. 
    Since its formation in 2006, we have grown by increasing our product line, improving our supply chain, and by being committed to customer service.  With terminal and warehouse, locations placed strategically throughout the United States, Yantai Wanhua America is better able to efficiently supply our fast-growing customer base.
    We hope you find your visit to our site useful and informative in introducing you to Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd., and we encourage you to take advantage of our site to learn more about the exciting range of products offered.

  10. Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (?Middle East?Office)

    Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. ( Middle East Office) was established in  2005 , it is located in Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority.

  1. Wanhua International (India) Private Limited

    Wanhua Chemical initiated its office in India since 2009, and upgraded it to a subsidiary company in 2012. It has established a system service integration, including local warehouse, logistics and after-sales. And also built an international sales team, including local sales staff. Wanhua India is the member of Indian Polyurethane Association, and is also one of the initiators of Bombay Chamber of Commerce of Chinese enterprises. After several years development, Wanhua India has been recognized by customers, respected by the industry, it has become one of the market leading supplier of polyurethane, contributed its own efforts to the development of Indian polyurethane industry.

  2. Wanhua-Borsodchem (Turkey) Branch

    Wanhua-Borsodchem (Turkey) branch was established in 2011, which is located in the CBD of Istanbul Turkey.
    Turkey branch has a customer-oriented sales team to provide quick response to customers’ requirements, distributing all products from both Wanhua China and BorsodChem Hungary, like MDI, Variants, Polyol, TDI, ADI, etc.

  3. Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. ( Moscow Office)

    Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd  Moscow Office is located in South-West of Moscow with the best ecological environment. 

  4. Wanhua Ningbo, a green ecological industrial park

    Wanhua Ningbo, a green ecological industrial park

  5. Wanhua, the green and modern chemical enterprise in China

    Wanhua, the green and modern chemical enterprise in China.

  6. We are on action——Wanhua care about community

    We are on action——Wanhua care about community.

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