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Wanhua Chemical Launches 3D Printed Shoe Material Solutions at K 2019

- Contributing to Peak Sports 3D Printed Sneaker Trend Setter “The Next”

(Düsseldorf, 17th October 2019) – Today, at K 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for plastics and rubber, Wanhua Chemical launched the 3D Printed Shoe-Material Solution, which integrates high-quality and highly flexible 3D printing materials, including WANFAB® TPU Filament, WANFAB® TPU Powder, WANFAB® Waterborne Coating and Adwel® Waterborne Adhesive. In addition to the latest solution, Wanhua Chemical has been cooperating with select downstream partners of the supply chain to jointly provide systematic 3D printing services.

                       Wanhua Chemical Launched 3D Printed Shoe-Material Solution at K 2019

Based on Wanhua Chemical’s 3D Printed Shoe Material Solution, Peak Sports also launched the latest 3D printed sneakers, marketed as “The Next”. The sneakers are not only stylish, but provide consumers with comfortable and personalized experience. One of the breakthroughs of “The Next” is that they leverage 100% recyclable 3D printing materials to design a unique circular lifecycle sneaker, which is eco-friendly.

     Joining hands with Wanhua Chemical, Peak Sports Launched the Latest 3D Printed Sneaker “The Next”

“The 3D Printed Shoe-Material Solution launched by Wanhua Chemical is a ground-breaking technological innovation of 3D printing materials introduced into the market.” Weiqi Hua, Executive Vice-President, Chief Technology Officer of Wanhua Chemical stated, “With the mission of ‘Advancing Chemistry, Transforming Lives’, Wanhua Chemical will leverage its core competitiveness of innovation to lead the development of 3D printing materials and provide unique ideas and approaches to the whole industry to satisfy evolving consumer needs.”

                                      Dr. Weiqi Hua Delivered a Keynote Speech at the Launch Ceremony

Kui Cai, Design Director of Peak Sports USA Design Centre stated, “We kept improving the synergy of different 3D printing materials on the sneakers, enhancing the all-round customization experience, and raising the higher standards for environmental performance. After all these efforts, ‘The Next’ finally came into being. Together with Wanhua Chemical, we breached the bottlenecks of the existing 3D printing material solutions and will bring to global consumers a sneaker that is stylish, comfortable, customizable and recyclable.”

Wanhua Chemical’s 3D Printed Shoe-Material Solution will improve the production efficiency and overall performance of 3D printed sneakers. In the future, Wanhua Chemical is looking forward to joining hands with more partners in the supply chain to unleash the potential of cooperative technological innovation and provide more total solutions, such as 3D Printing Shoe-Material Solution.

About Peak Sports

Peak Sports is a group enterprise withholding the principle of “building an international brand, becoming a hundred-year enterprise”. Established in 1989, Peak Sports mainly designs, develops, manufactures, distributes,
sells, and markets its own sportswear products, including sneakers, clothing and accessories. Since the founding of the brand, Peak Sports has focused on self-directed technological innovation. It currently holds more than 70 patents of practical novelties, and continuously releases products loved by consumers. In May, 2017, Peak Sports released the first 3D printed sneakers in China; it also released the world’s first 3D printed sneakers for basketball, leading the trend of the industry. In December, 2018, Peak Sports premiered PEAK SPORTS-TAICHI, the Self-Adaption technology for midsole, in the world. Peak Sports is committed to becoming a brand leading China’s sportswear innovation, and unceasingly creating products that meet the consumers’ needs.


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