2019-03-13 09:00:00

LED Secretary Don Pierson Visits Wanhua Yantai Industrial Park

Louisiana Economic Development (LED) Secretary Don Pierson, together with International Commerce Executive Director Larry Collins and Assistant Director Ben Fontenot, visited Wanhua Yantai Industrial Park on March 12. During the visit, Secretary Pierson met with Wanhua Chemical Group VP & CTO Dr. Weiqi Hua to discuss the next-step priorities of Wanhua’s $1.25 billion chemical complex project in St.James, Louisiana.

This visit is meant to reinforce the cooperation relationship and show LED’s commitment to Wanhua, according to LED officials.
In early 2017, Secretary Don Pierson led a Louisiana contingent to Wanhua’s global headquarters in Yantai, where he and Wanhua’s Chairman Mr. Liao Zengtai completed plans to move the project forward. During the plant tour this time, Secretary Pierson was delighted to see how much progress Wanhua had made in only 2 years, which well demonstrated Wanhua’s capability and future potentials. He also encouraged Wanhua to keep up the great work and rose above all the difficulties.
“This trip is a great opportunity for me to further engage with Wanhua, to gain a better understanding of who they are. LED has worked diligently with Wanhua for this next-generation MDI project. Wanhua has our full support, and we look forward to their contribution to Louisiana’s economy. Little setbacks along the way are only temporary, I have every confidence in Wanhua,” he added.   
Dr. Hua appreciated all the efforts LED had put into Wanhua U.S. Project and also said that Wanhua welcomes LED and Louisiana representatives at any time.
“Wanhua is dedicated to solidifying relationships with local communities and making contributions to Louisiana’s work force and economy. We take our responsibility to local communities and the great state of Louisiana very seriously. Wanhua looks forward to being a reliable industry neighbor,” Dr. Hua said.

Wanhua’s project of a new $1.25 billion American chemical complex in St.James, Louisiana has a capacity of 400 kilotons per year and will generate 170 new direct jobs with another 1,060 new indirect jobs.


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