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Innovation Strength

Innovation Strength

There are about 2100 full-time R&D staff in Wanhua, including over 120 staff with doctoral degrees, over 640 staff with master degrees, and over 150 various high-level technical personnel, 30 of which have won Science and Technology Achievement Awards by Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth, Qiushi Outstanding Youth High-Tech Transfer Award or enjoy special government allowances.

The professional R&D institutions of the Company mainly include the technology development center, product development center, chemical process development center, equipment and process optimization center, analysis and testing center, the Beijing research institute and chemical design institute, with fundamental research, process development, engineering and product application development fully integrated.

The established innovation platforms of Wanhua mainly include the National Engineering Center for Polyurethane, the state-certified Enterprise Technology Center, the postdoctoral workstation, three state-certified analysis laboratories, five provincial and industry association engineering (technology) centers and key laboratories.

Regarding innovation, Wanhua has won the First Batch of National Innovative Enterprises, the National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, the Achievement Award of State-certified Enterprise Technical Center and the Decade Achievements Award of State Hi-tech Industrialization. In 2013, the Report on Development of Chinese Innovative Enterprises 2012, China’s most authoritative annual analysis report on the construction of innovative enterprises, selected the Chinese innovative enterprises TOP 100, among which Wanhua Chemical ranked 3rd.


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