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Concept of "Talent"

Concept of "Talent"

At Wanhua, we fervently believe that talent is one of the most important strategic resource that can bring exceptional value to our company.  Four integrated concepts can be used to describe our concept of talent: Drawing in Talent, Training Talent, Applying Talent, Preserving Talent.

Drawing in Talent

Wanhua Chemical is a corporation with wide-ranging ambitions and lofty goals.  At the same time, we are a company that seeks to care for our employees and be a responsible member of the community.  Our globalized team is made up of a large collection of domestic and foreign experts and technical personnel in many fields.  We use an ambitious blue-print for the future, exceptional professional standards and a strong collective spirit to attract even more talent to join us in our journey.

Training Talent

We have implemented systematic training systems and a rotating assignment system to ensure that our employees are consistently improving.  We use a personal instructor-based training system to efficiently and quickly help new employees adapt and learn, empowering each employee and position to achieve at the highest level.  At the same time, in order to systematically engender employee talent and encourage our employees to achieve, we have implemented a dual-channel R&D advancement system, a dual-channel management advancement system, and competency licensing system for technical operations staff.  These systems ensure that employees remain encouraged, excited and engaged with our team.

Applying Talent

Working ability and competency is at the heart of our talent strategy.  We are committed to a fair, open and equal working environment that allows true talent to shine through.  We respect and trust our employees.  Through mutual communication and understanding, we empower our employees to apply their talent.

Preserving Talent

We believe that corporate culture and working environment are the keys to preserving our employees.  We are committed to the creation of a positive working and living environment that allows our employees to feel at home in our company.  We work hard to give our employees competitive salaries and benefits, as well as high-quality working and living conditions. It is our goal to develop a first-rate cultural environment, an effective management environment, a harmonious emotional environment and a good overall company atmosphere.

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