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Opportunities for Professional Advancement

Opportunities for Professional Advancement

Multi-Channel Advancement

Wanhua Chemical has designed a multi-channel professional development system in order to provide employees with high-level advancement opportunities.  At any time, employees have opportunities to apply to change work roles or begin new projects.  Not only can a multi-channel advancement system provide employees with consistent career development, it can open up new opportunities in other areas of the corporation.

Development Plan for High-Potential Employees

We use a comprehensive set of tools to measure our employee’s professional competency and potential, including 360 degree competency testing, personality testing, EQ testing, etc.  This allows us to scientifically pinpoint employees with high levels of potential.  Managers at every level work with our high-potential employees to create an individually customized personal improvement plan (IDP).  Through employee training, rotating assignment, stationing abroad, new projects training, etc., we ensure high-potential employees participate in a full range of development opportunities.

Integration of Training and Instruction

We invest a large amount of resources into training each year in order to ensure our employees consistently improve and develop.  According to the strategic emphasis and requirements of each position, we provide advanced training in general technical knowledge, technical knowledge related to each particular position, and management skills.  We then do follow-up testing and evaluations to ensure that employees retain their knowledge and reach competency objectives.

New Employee Training

Aimed at helping new employees to quickly familiarize themselves with the Wanhua Chemical environment.
The content of new employee training includes: safety training, corporate culture, corporate strategies, products, basic technology instruction, introduction to company projects, systems and processes.
Training Characteristics Particular to Wanhua Chemical
We have extensive internal and external training resources to provide every position and professional field with advanced training.  After training, we ensure that employees reach the goals of their training programs by following up with tests and evaluations.

The Dual-Advisor System

For every new employee we designate two personal instructors with extensive experience to guide them through the initial training phase.  Both personal instructors have different roles: there is a duty instructor and an occupational instructor.  Instructors provide one-on-one instruction, and teach through hands-on training to help new employees smoothly adapt to the working environment.

Training Abroad

Training in international context is a main emphasis of our internationalization strategy. For this, we have created a plan to send exemplary employees to live and study in foreign context, providing training abroad in every technical area.

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