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Guangwu Kou

Guangwu Kou

Guangwu Kou, male, born in Feb. 1966, master’s degree and senior accountant. Mr.Kou once served as vice-section chief of the cost center, financial department, section chief, financial manager assistant and vice-financial manager of Yantai Wanhua synthetic leather group Co.,Ltd.  Since 1998, He successively held the posts of chief accountant and vice-general manager of Yantai Wanhua Polyurethanes Co.,Ltd. Now, he is the director, executive vice president, chief financial administrator and secretary of the board of directors of Wanhua Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Kou once won the honor of “top ten excellent CIO of China information development, outstanding contribution award of China chief accountant, person of the year of China CFO, golden secretary to the board and Dib 2013 outstanding internal control manager of China listed company.

Now, Mr. Kou is the part-time master’s supervisor of Northeast finance and economics  university, the visiting professor of Central University of Finance and Economics and also distinguished professor of the Shandong Finance and Economics  University. Meanwhile, he is the Chairman of the Finance Committee and the chairman of the secretary committee board of the Shandong Listed Company Association.

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