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  • On Jan. 16, 2009, the ADI pilot plant was commissioned successfully and produced qualified HMDI products.

  • In Jul. 2009, the HDI pilot plant was commissioned successfully and produced qualified products. The products were sold to the overseas market and won praise from customers.

  • In Sep. 2009, according to revenue of 7.69 billion RMB in 2008, Wanhua was in  42nd place of top 500 chemical companies ranking.

  • In Oct. 2009, Wanhua’s MDI products were applied in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail construction, the biggest investment and high-tech project and China’s first high-speed rail with world class.

  • In Nov. 2009, The National Engineering Center for Polyurethane, the only such center in the PU industry, was founded in Wanhua.

  • On Jun. 24, 2010, the 863 project  passed appraisal review by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

  • On Jul. 9, 2010, the National Housing Industrialization Base, the 13th in China and the only one in wall insulation and decoration plate industry was set up in Wanhua .

  • In Sep. 2012, the 600 kt per year MDI industrialization project received national sci-tech achievements transformation prize.

  • On Dec. 23, 2010, the second phase project of Ningbo Industrial Park was commissioned. The success of the project enabled Wanhua to realize the integrated development of the upstream and downstream industrial chains and strengthened the comprehensive competitiveness of Wanhua.

  • 2009-2014-16

    On Mar. 11, 2011, the foundation ceremony of MDI integrated project was held in Yantai economic and development area, where Wanhua Yantai industrial park is located , marking the opening of the industrial park’s construction.

  • In 2011, the fifth generation MDI manufacturing technology, gas phase phosgenation technology, was successfully applied in three MDI installations in Yantai and Ningbo, and the MDI capacity increased from 800 kt per year to 1240 kt per year, the energy consumption per unit was reduced by 30%, which represented that the new MDI manufacturing technology reached leading levels in the world in the aspect of scale, energy consumption and product quality.

  • 2009-2014-14

    On Mar. 20, 2012, 15 kt per year HDI plant of Wanhua Ningbo Industrial Park was commissioned successfully with world-class quality, It was Wanhua’s first self-researched industrial ADI product, representing that Wanhua took an important step towards diversification development.

  • In Apr. 2012, Wanhua Ningbo Industrial Park was elected to be National Recycling Economy Experimental Organization by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the first and the only industrial park in Zhejiang province that received the honor.

  • 2009-2014-12

    In Jul. 2012, The MDI production technique and its products were honored as an Environment-Friendly Product by China Environmental Sciences Association.

  • In Jul. 2012, the book “report on the development of China’s innovative company, 2011” edited by The Ministry of Science and Technology was published and Wanhua was in the third place of the “Top 100 Innovative Company in China.”

  • In Aug. 2012, the SAP pilot plant, which extended the acrylic acid industrial chain and enhanced the added value of the products, was commissioned successfully and produced qualified product.

  • On Sep. 23, 2012, the 2kt per year IPDA pilot plant was commissioned successfully and produced qualified products, representing that Wanhua has mastered the core technology of the IPDI industrial chain and became the only company in the world that owns three ADI products and the key raw materials for ADI manufacture.

  • In Nov. 2012, the fifth-phase TPU project was commissioned successfully and monthly capacity of TPU reached 2.8 kt.

  • 2009-2014-7

    On Nov. 23, 2012, the key technology of MDI synthesis by new gas phase phosgenation received the first-class prize of Shandong technological progress reward, which consolidated Wanhua’s leading position in MDI manufacturing field in the world and strengthened competitiveness in the PU industry.

  • 2009-2014-6

    In Jan. 2013, the project of rotating packed bed reactor technology in reaction system intensification received the second-class prize of nation technological invention reward.

  • 2009-2014-5

    On Jun. 6, 2013, Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd formally announced the company name-change to Wanhua Chemical Group Co. Ltd.

  • 2009-2014-4

    On Sep. 17, 2013, Wanhua signed an agreement of the southwest production and service base project. The base is located in Chengdu and covers 200 acres. The investment on the Southwest base is 500 million RMB and is mainly to develop self-researched new material, such as advanced surface materials, modified MDI and TPU, etc.

  • On Nov. 19, 2013, Wanhua Ningbo Industrial Park passed the on-site appraisal of Level A National Safety standard.

  • On Nov. 30, 2013, the 20kt per year IPN pilot plant was commissioned successfully and produced qualified products, representing Wanhua’s full grasp of the industry chain of IP-IPN-IPDA-IPDI and becoming the second company in the world that has mastered the core technology of this industry chain.

  • 2009-Present

    On Dec. 2013, the oxidation HCL plant, the second plant of its kind in the world, was commissioned successfully.

  • On January 10, 2014, a delegation of officials from 14 central and eastern European countries in China visited Wanhua Ningbo Industrial Park.

  • 2009-2014

    On January 24, 2014, SOP for Phase 3 of Wanhua Rongwei project (40,000ton Polyether monomer), which will further upgrade Wanhua’s output and quality for polyether monomer.

  • On March 8, 2014, Wanhua Chemical held its grand awarding conference on technical innovation, and 2013 Technical Innovation Award went to the technical research on isophorone across the whole industrial chain.

  • 2009-2014

    On March 10, 2014, a signing ceremony was held between Wanhua Chemical Group, Ltd and UOP LLC, winding up the year-long 17 rounds of negotiations on PDH catalytic agent, which signified the formal mutual execution of the catalyst contract.

  • On April 15, 2014, successful first-commissioning was achieved for HDI trimer thinning device, a symbol of successful remodeling of differentiated products for HDI derivatives, which will better meet various needs of customers.

  • 2009-2014

    On May 20, 2014, Wanhua Chemical set up its representative office in Korea, refreshing Wanhua’s image in its Korean customers and strengthening their confidence in long-term cooperation with Wanhua.

  • 2009-2014

    On May 28, 2014, Ningbo Xiebei Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (a stock-holding subsidiary of Wanhua Ningbo Thermal Power) was established, with a total registered capital of 270 million RMB yuan.

  • In June of 2014, Wanhua Chemical (Yantai) Rongwei Polyurethane Co., Ltd was duly registered and established, which indicated a great leap forward of Wanhua in building the leadership in the rigid foam composite market in China as well as its endeavors to become a global top-class polyether manufacturer.

  • 2009-2014

    On June 25, 2014, Wanhua Yantai Industrial Park received a visit by the CPC and government delegation of Yunnan Province led by Qin Guangrong, Secretary of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress, and Li Jiheng, Vice Secretary of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and governor of Yunnan Province.

  • 2009-2014

    On August 23, 2014, a ship SINOPEC 2 fully loaded with 3000-ton of methanol was securely moored at the berth, with a successful unloading the following day. This signifies the construction completion of Wanhua Yantai Terminal and commencement of its formal operation.

  • 2009-2014

    On August 28, 2014, Wanhua Ningbo Industrial Park achieved its successful first-commissioning for its annual 5000-ton water based device with qualified products produced as well. This has laid a solid foundation for Wanhua’s development in water-based resin.

  • 2009-2014

    On September 18, 2014, Wanhua Chemical was granted “Tao Zhu Gong Awards — Highly Recommended for Top Funding Solution 2014 by EuroFinance, the ever first award of this kind to Wanhua Chemical. This signified the boost of Wanhua’s influence and reputation in financial sector.

  • On October 16, 2014, Framework Agreement on LPG Strategic Cooperation was signed between SINOPEC Refining and Distribution Co., Ltd and Wanhua Chemical, defining the basic principles of supply cooperation in LPG, among others, in the coming three years.

  • 2009-2014

    On October 17, 2014, Hao Changjiang, vice president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and president of China Chemical Industry News and his group visited Wanhua Chemical.

  • 2009-2014

    On October 31, 2014, the first MDI device of Wanhua Chemical formally terminated its running, bringing to an end its 32-year operation!

  • 2009-2014

    On Nov 7, 2014, Wanhua Yantai Industrial Park saw the successful SOP for the whole line of MDI integration project at one go after relocation of the old plant, and output of qualified MDI products, with total annual MDI production capacity reaching 1.80 million tons, securing the first place across the world.

  • 2009-2014

    On Nov 19, 2014, Wanhua Chemical achieved its first and successful issuance of bonds overseas. It is one of the few businesses in China granted investment grade rating relying entirely on their own credit.

  • 2009-2014

    On Nov 20, 2014, purchasing contract for the extrusion-granulation system was formally signed for the PC project between Wanhua Chemical and CEO of Leistritz, Mr.Wolf, which immediately saved an investment of millions of RMB yuan.

  • 2009-2014

    On Nov 20, 2014, Wanhua Chemical was awarded the Best Practice Unit for Responsible Care across China’s petroleum and chemical industries.

  • 2009-2014

    On Nov 29, 2014, Wanhua Chemical’s first innovation application contest “Sustainable Development and Innovation for the Future 2014” successfully concluded its final at the headquarters of Wanhua Chemical Yantai. This innovation application contest was hosted by Wanhua Chemical and co-sponsored by such China’s first-class universities as Nankai University, East China University of Sci-Tech and Dalian University of Technology.

  • On December 2, 2014, Wanhua Chemical was granted approval for its qualification of “Multi-National Corporation Centralized Operations of Foreign Exchange Funds”, thus becoming one of the first pioneer enterprises in Shandong Province.

  • 2009-2014

    On Dec 30, 2014, the thousand-ton pilot plant of HDI biuret achieved its first and successful test-run, breaking the long-upheld technological monopoly by foreign multinational companies. This has enabled Wanhua Chemical to become the first Chinese manufacturer that can make successful production of biuret!

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